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$12.95 (paperback)

144 pages

6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9850568-2-7

Kindle E-book: $7.50


SAND AND SKY: Poems from Utah (2017)

This anthology of poems from Utah presents a sense of place, time, and people as well as expression of life and love in the American west.

Rumi Poetry Club 10th anniversary publication


Margo Andrews, Roger Evans Baker, Vera Ogden Bakker, Marilyn L. Ball, Shanan Ballam, Cindy Bechtold, Neil Brown, Doug Brewer, Markay Brown, Marleen Bussam, D. Gary Christian, Tyler Clark, Anastasia M. Clarke, Broch Dethier, Stacy W. Dixon, Fae Ellsworth, Lin Vernon Floyd, Bonnie Glee, Lynne H. Goodhart, Sylvia Ruth Gray, Dawnell Hatton Griffin, Maurine Haltiner, Lindsay Jane Hanks, Alina Hansen, Rebecca Holt, Lorraine Jeffery, Grace Diane Jessen, George King, Kate Kirkham, Marjorie Kyriopoulos, Lance Larsen, Satyam S. Moorty, Florin Nielsen, Joel Passey, Gail M. Peterson, Patricia Peterson, Susan Randall, Susan Roche, Natasha Saje, Eva Sanchez, Meghan Nuttall Sayres, Rasoul Shams, Carolyn W. Taylor, Melanie Rae Thon, Howard Nelson Tuttle, Linda Waters

Sand and Sky: Poems from Utah


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Sand and Sky:

Poems from Utah

Featured at

Utah State Poetry Society 


Book release ceremony at Marmalade Library

Salt Lake City

May 6, 2017