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The Rumi Poetry Club was founded in 2007 on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Jalâluddin Rumi’s birth. We celebrate the poetry, inspiration and perennial teachings of Rumi and other poets of the heart, nature, and spiritual life from around the world.

“The people fancy they hate poetry,” wrote Emerson in his 1844 essay The Poet, “and yet they are all poets and mystics.” Good poetry is a great gift of human cultures; it nourishes our mind and life, and without it we would be spiritually poor.

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Rumi Quotes                 


“Words are the shadow of reality. If the shadow can be attractive, imagine how much more so can the reality be.”

“Be like melting snow: Wash yourself of yourself.”

“The moment an inspiring thought enters your heart, appreciate it as a dear guest visiting you that day.”

“The world as a whole passes and perishes; you can truly live in each moment.”

“It is because the seed is concealed in the soil that its secret is revealed by the green orchard.”              

                                                                  translated by Rasoul Shams



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