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June 8, 2012

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Our Rumi Book

$12.95 (paperback)

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Published in 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9850568-0-3

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Text Box: "Conflicts and wars among people arise from their attachments to names and labels. When they go into the essence and meanings, peace prevails."

Rumi, Masnavi II: 3680
Translated by Rasoul Shams, Rumi: The Art of Loving
The 2015 Parliament of Religions was held in Salt Lake City from October 15-19. It was a great opportunity, especially for those of us living in Salt Lake City, to participate in this important gathering of about 9000 people of various faiths and spiritual traditions from all over the world. Hundreds of religious leaders, writers and scholars presented their works in the Parliament. 
First held in 1893 in Chicago, the Parliament of Religions has become a global gathering held every five years since 1993. The 2015 Parliament (the most attended one so far) focused on the responses of various religions to women’s rights and faith, economic inequality and social injustice, emerging leadership to address global issues, war and violence, environmental protection and climate change, and the plight of indigenous communities. Dozens of exhibits also offered information about spiritual arts, publications, faith-based societies, and social activism. 
Some members of the Rumi Poetry Club also attended the Parliament. We would like to thank our dear friend Barbara Trites (of Interfaith Market Place) who contributed to the Parliament as a volunteer. The mission of the Parliament of Religions for interfaith dialogue and global friendship and peace is very much in line with the spiritual teachings and poetry of Rumi we treasure so much. 
Text Box: Since 1965, Utah State Poetry Society has selected a poet member as Utah Poet of the Year based on his/her life-long anthology of poems submitted to UTSPS. Candy Lish Fowler, who composed On A Road That Knows Me, was selected as the 2015 Utah Poet of the Year. Congratulations! To purchase copies and learn more about UTSPS, visit their website: